With Thanksgiving around the corner, one has time to consider things to be grateful for, as well there is the realization that the end of 2008 is drawing nearer and nearer. We’ve been through a lot in 2008 – launched Drawn by Pain episodes on the Escapist, were featured on a Sirius Radio Show with Dee Snider (of Twisted Sister),won the People’s Voice Webby for best use of Animation/Motion Graphics for the series, transformed the episodic version of DbP into it’s intended feature film version, had one kick ass private screening with some very awesome people, as well as a lot more stuff!

So we’re definitely thankful for all the support and well wishes over the past few years and look forward to sharing a lot more with you. In case you missed it, some folks who were at the screening put the pictures they took up on a common photobucket account (my pics are up there too now!). The account info is here!.
The Username is: DBPNYC2 and the Password is: DBPNYC2 .
Thanks again to Connor for setting up the account!

Things have been really busy here and hopefully we’ll have lots of exciting news coming up, but until then, hope you all have a great thanksgiving – and what are you thankful for? ;)